Sacramento Remembers 9/11

Hena Zuberi

Los Angeles, CA – “Everyone warned me not to venture out of the house wearing a headscarf. Needing food , I went to the grocery store where I met another hijabi and we hugged. We were ...”

Randy Law

Antelope, CA – “[I wrote this in my journal several days after 09/11/2011, as I knew it was a historical moment and wanted to document my place in it] I woke up at 5am, took ...”


Elk Grove, CA – “I was at Sacramento Airport that morning with 3 of my co-workers waiting to go to Las Vegas for a convention. We were watching the TV at the Southwest check in counter ...”

Christine H.

Sacramento, CA – “On September 11, 2001, I was 16 and a senior at St. Francis High School. There was nothing to suggest that the day would be anything but ordinary. I left my Pocket-area ...”

Woody Johnson

Sacramento, CA – “I woke up and my wife told me to turn on the news. So I turned on the TV and remember this distant wide angle shot of a burning tower. Then we ...”

S. Pine

Tucson, AZ, CA – “My Husband and I had gotten home the night before on 9/10 from the Boston area, we were flying out of Manchester NH, and our flight was over booked and they asked ...”

Betty Storey

Gold River, CA – “I was in Shenzhen, China teaching English at the University. At 9pm (China time) I was watching TV, the "Fugitive", when the TV station broke-in and showed pictures of the first tower ...”

Steve Carlson

Pollock Pines, CA – “I was in New York city on September 11, 2001 along with my fiancee. This was her first trip to New York. On Tuesday September 11, 2001 attending a class at the ...”

Vivian Carlsson

Fair Oaks, CA – “I remember I woke in a pretty good mood Started downstairs with no thought but 'food'; I let the dogs out, brought the newspaper in, Answering the phone I heard "Where have ...”

Susan Johnson

Sacramento CA, VI – “SEPTEMBER DAY On that warm September day We watched our world fade away Some glued to the television As they watched the horrid visions A day that will live forever And many ...”

Cynthia Ice-Bones

Citrus Heights, CA – “Being on the West Coast, it was very early in the morning, and I remember getting a call from my sister in Ky, who told me to turn on the television. Our ...”

Lance Campbell

Turlock, CA – “I remember that I was reading the Bee, and had the news on in the background, when they announced breaking news that a plane had struck one of the Twin Towers. I ...”

Muriel Strand

Sacramento, CA – “When I first heard the news at work it seemed like science fiction. We got to go home from the office, and I spent the day making hot sauce and watching the ...”

Rachel MacDonald

Sacramento, CA – “I will never forget listening to the radio the morning of 9-11-2001. I was in the typical slow moving traffic around the I-5/Hwy. 80 downtown area. Stop-and-go, our cars surged forward on ...”

Michael V. Chapman

Novato, CA – “That Tuesday morning, I was northbound on Highway I-5 at a rest stop near Tracy, California. I just returned from a weekend of two competitive open water swim events in both northern ...”

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